Dmitri Komarov

This is an area where we will be hosting Builder of the Month.

Dmitri Komarov, better known as Dimm is our first featured builder. He lives in Montreal, Canada. He is an engineering student at Concordia University. And without a doubt Dimm has an obsession with building longboards. He spends a great deal of time, writing about, developing, building and testing processes and materials used for building boards. He is well known for introducing the Dimm Press. An inexpensive, alternative way of pressing boards that encompasses a 2 part foam mold and clamping press.

Dimm has been building board since 2008, one of the things I have always enjoyed over this time about him is his willingness to share ideas with others. He is an avid forum poster on the board building forum at where he has helped countless beginners get started. He also provides lots of information on boardbuiding through his own Website DKBL, Facebook page and Vimeo video site. Along with being a builder Dimm can be seen at local downhill race events in the Montreal area testing his decks and watching others compete on his craftsmanship.

I have include a few quotes, pulled from forums and his site to help give you an understanding of Dimm’s passion with boardbuilding.

“I’ve never measured my camber. I just give the board some camber. Whatever. Don’t overthink it”

“There is no real reason for you to chose BB over maple. BB is training wheels”

“Yes my truck template is a truck.

Cmon dude….”

“I’ve pressed over 50 boards in my vacbag from Ted.

The first 4 came out complete disasters with delam all over the place. I’m a slow learner.

Suck it up. Figure out what you did wrong. Fix it. Try again. If you fail: repeat previous instructions.”

“HAHAHA. No way… Did I actually do that?

Man… gotta stop smoking before 5pm.”

“Thanks man! This is why I do this.

I mean the girls/money/rockstar-lifestyle are bonuses too but… well you know. Haha.”

“Yeah this whole longboarding thing doesn’t help school much…”

“When you have sawdust in your foreskin”

“Pft…. if you would rather have sex than build boards you’re not building boards properly.”

“When you cough like a smoker even though you haven’t touched a cigarette in your life.


Thank God I live in Canada!”

So what`s wrong with making a board that costs 55$? How is that like… an issue”

Wa wa wa. What do you want us to do? To tell you that it’s all BS and that your life is hard?”

Oh come on!

Do you really need people on the internet to tell you why you should build boards?”

Sorry I live in Montreal we haven’t had an earthquake in 4 million years.”

This post on the fish is worth Reading.

When I asked Dimm if he would like to be the first Boardbuilder of the month this one of the emails I got back. Thanks Dimm for the plug.

I look forward to seeing what your future projects will be.


I didn’t start making boards in a vacuum bag but when I made the switch from clamps to bag I didn’t know why I hadn’t done so earlier. Vacuum bagging is awesome. It’s as simple or as complicated as you want. A simple vac bag layup can be done by a ten year old without much difficulty while a complex layup will give a vac bag veteran a good challenge. It works with the user. A vac bag is as good as you are. I’ve seen some crazy things pulled out of a bag before. It’s an art, really. You can do so much with it…

And it’s simplicity is really what makes it an awesome design. Since I bought one bag from Ted it has needed only one repair job. I’ve changed the tape several times but after more than 60 (yes sixty) boards that bag is still going. I can pump it and it will keep pressure for several days. I’m not gonna press boards with anything else ever again. Thanks Ted!


  • Eric  On April 10, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Hey I was looking at one of your boards the DKLC or DKLE idk but I would really like to know if you did that or you got someone to do that and how. Btw you make really nice boards.

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