Nitty Gritty

Welcome to Roarockit’s tutorial page! The four categories; Process, Pressure, Materials and Glues are my attempt at comprehensive explanations about boardbuilding for independent builders. These cover many different processes, with lots of tips and information that I have learned over the last 10 years.

The TUTORIALS area is specifically about techniques which relate to our Thin Air Press technology. Anyone interested in shaping foam, using our RockitLam or building drop decks using maple veneers will benefit from these video and photo based tutorials. If you have bought a kit where the instructions are not included this is where you will find the information you need to build your board.

Process    Pressure

 Materials  Glues


How To Shape A Foam Mold

One Inch Drop Deck Build

Two Inch Drop Deck Build

How Much Glue

How To Cut Veneer

Fixing Crossgrain Breaks

How To Apply RockitLam

How To Paint RockitLam

How To Apply Camber (video)

How To Apply Camber

Using A Vacuum Cleaner

How To Cut Carbon Fiber

How To Apply Carbon Fiber

How To Maintain Your TAP

Easy TAP Bag Leak Fix

How To Fix A Warped Board

Wakeskate Build

 How To Apply Carbon Fiber to a Board NEW

  How to shape a Foam Mold NEW

 How To Make A Custom Skateboard PT1  NEW

 How To Make A Paper Template NEW


 RockitRuler NEW

 Lil’Rockit NEW

 How To Teach Skateboard Making NEW

Woodworking Tutorials

  Marquetry Build NEW

External Mold Build

Laminating A Chair Back

Drawer Face Build

Checker Board Build

Drum Shell Build

Table Top Build

Norm Abrams Secret Wepon

Schools: Tutorials and Associations

Below you will find a tutorial on building boards in a school setting that will help you understand the process. Also below are examples of associations with schools and mentoring programs to show how our Thin Air Press is used in different settings. There are now hundreds of schools using our kits to build skateboards with. If you are using our kits and would like me to post a link to your school site, feel free to email me.

Building a Skateboard in a School Setting

Oasis Skateboard Factory

Oasis Skateboard Factory Blog


Making The Grade

Stoked Mentoring

Web Based Publications

 Stepping It Up NEW

National Post

Volt visits Roarockit

Much Music Visits Roarockit

Podcast with Ted and Norah from Roarockit

Matt’s Basement Workshop Roarockit Build

Fine Woodworking

This Rocket Roars

Silverfishlongboarding Review

DIY Skate

YouTube Benny3134

Just For Fun

Easy Ride Trailer

Easy Ride

A Year At Roarockit

My First Custom Board

Roarockit Stairs And Flower

Facebook Pictures


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