Focused on creating functional works of art that can be skated all day.

Creators of custom handmade longboard skateboards. We strive to be the most innovative and passionate skateboard companies out there. Always pushing the envelope on how a longboard can be made as well as how it can be ridden. Never settling on constraints or being told that it can’t be done.

Using only the finest hardwoods available, individually selected then put together by hand one at a time to create our boards. No templates, every skateboard is hand drawn giving the customer a completely custom hardwood longboard everytime.

Whether you are bombing it down a local hill, cruising your college campus, or just making a late night trip to the packy for a six pack, we have a hardwood longboard for you. And if we don’t, just let us know, we can shape a custom skateboard specifically for you using your thoughts and ideas.


801 750 6054 or 801 9990SK8


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