My name is Stewart Hodgins. I started building longboards because I couldn’t afford to buy a store bought one. I am 17 and live in Barrie, Ontario Canada and am the creator of Gnarnia longboards. I’ve been building for 4 years now. Up until early spring, this year I was  building skate boards in my garden shed but I now am doing a co-op at Coiler composites with Bruce Varsava.

I think my board are different from most home builders because I build 4 to 6 ply boards that are reinforced with fibre glass and carbon fiber.  I have also built an experimental board that uses metal skins and a wood cores. The result is three and one quarter lbs. of sexiness!  It takes me about 3hr to make an epoxy composite board from scratch. All my boards get tested at speeds over 60km..

I just finished producing a number of boards for Longboard Living in Toronto and my plan for next year is to experiment using custom top sheets similar to those used for snowboards.

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