Heisefactor, Brian Heise

HeiseFactor,  Brian Heise

Brian Heise is a board builder who lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. His boards are sold through a local shop called RADZONE. Brian loves building decks with his home made press and molds. Looks great! Check them out if you are ever in the Great White North.

Brian’s famous Quotes:

“If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking till you do suck seed.”

“Why isn’t Hemroids called Asstroids cause there on your Ass and Asstroids called Hemroids because they are up in the hemisphere.???”

Every board starts with a basic drawing.  Usually a doodle on the back of a phone bill.  From there I start thinking about how I’m going to build the mold to suit the design of the board I’m trying to achieve.  More hours go into the mold then into the board it seems.  Every deck is made of 7 or 9 layer Canadian Maple.  Sometimes I will add in fibre sheets.  All depends on the flex I’m looking for.  When the mold is complete, I now try and find my phone bill with the doodle.  This can take sometime.  Most things of mine are considered garbage, by my wife anyway.

This doodle is now transferred to news print paper in full scale.  I don’t use Auto Cad.  Ruler, measuring tape, framing square, compass, pencil and a steady hand.  I kick it old school.

My father Brian Heise Sr.  Comes by when it is time to laminate the Veneers.  Oldest skater in town at 58.  Looks like Paul Tuttle (OCC) on a skateboard.  Dad helps me glue every deck and set in press.  All the decks will sit for an average of 3 days in press.

When my wife allows, out to shape the board in my little 12X12 shop.

Paint, Logo, Clear and Grip.  I have a great Marriage with RadZone.  The deck will go there and get suited up with trucks, risers, wheels and bearings.  I have hopes, with the new Hub Bike Trail Going through Sault Ste. Marie that the long board movement will grow.  Dad and I like to throw people off when the see us drive by on our Harleys with our boards strapped to the bags.  Bikers with Longboards and red skater shoes?

You meet the nicest people on Longboards.

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Brian thanks Sylvain Noel of  SNoel Photograpy for producing the video.

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