I met Jesse while he was in Toronto at the Harbourfront Center. He was invited to do a talk about homegrown. . During his talk it was obvious Jesse is all about keeping it local. He explained how he only does small production runs of artists graphics on his boards. He involves local artists for his graphics the and buys veneer from a local mill. Jesse is truly about making a homegrown product. Hats off to him for this.

Jesse will be highlighted as Boarder of the Month for September. Stay Tuned!

Ted from Roarockit

Each of our decks are pressed, shaped and silk- screened, one by one, in LaHave, Nova Scotia, Canada. Much of the skateboard industry’s manufacturing is located in China and other countries where sweat shop labor is the norm. These popular skate decks are then shipped all over the world, which can create issues in quality control.
Every board is pressed seperately ensuring a very accurate shape, close to the mould itself. “One at a time” pressing also means that the pressure is consistent from one HG deck to the next. Most large scale manufacturers press four to seven decks at one time, making pressure inconsistent per deck and true shapes hard to find.
All of our decks are built with 100% East Coast hard rock maple. East Coast rock maple trees grow with tighter rings and stronger wood grain due to the regions’ long, cold winters. The result is a tougher veneer which stands up much better once laminated into a skateboard deck. This means HG decks have stiffer nose-to-tail flex, are more chip resistant, and are less likely to break. These are qualities HG is known for. Maple grown in warmer regions of North America tend to be softer and decks made form softer maple tend to wear out sooner while their tails get sharp more quickly.

Homegrown Skateboards

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