Lisa Farrows

Builder of the Month, February 2011

Lisa Farrows, Artist

Lisa is the first Artist to be featured on Ministry of Wood, builder of the Month. Over the next few months I will be adding independent artists who paint on skateboards to this site.

Lisa abounds in waves of good energy, she is as passionate as it gets about her craft, her friends and longboarding. Her artwork is a unique combination of hand and airbrush painting and the imagery is alway sizzling hot. This talented Artist lives in Toronto Canada and can be seen riding at all the local haunts. Enjoy her work.


Quoted from Lisa’s Facebook page

“I’m an outdoor education teacher who wants to save the world, one hike at a time 🙂 and I have an addiction to proving you can beat gravity. The higher the “risk” the more fun it seems to be.

I’ve been having a blast in the slalom and longboard skateboard scene and have met some incredible people!!! It has also allowed me to share one of my other passions… painting.

I hate writing about myself so feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll be happy to fill you in 🙂

I love my life! Thanks for being part of it!”

Contact Info:


Link to Facebook Video

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